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1756 All Persons at Christiansbrunn (January 1756)

This list appears in the Nazareth diary at the start of the year 1756, along with catalogs of people at Nazareth, Gnadenthal, Friedensthal, and the Rose Inn. Another loose copy of this list exists, which also specifies the families who took refuge (from Indian attacks) at each of the Upper Places, including Christiansbrunn, as of 26 January 1756.

Lorenz Bagge

1732-1789. Born in Rosencranz in Holstein, Germany. Superintended some of the boys who arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757. Worked as a woodcutter. Left Christiansbrunn in 1762 for Lititz.

Johann Beutel / Johann Beitel

1740-1840. Born in Pilgerhut, Surinam. Left Christiansbrunn for Bethlehem in September 1757 with six other boys. Seems to have lived at Christiansbrunn, with his wife and children, in 1803.

Jacob Blum

1739-1803. Born in Saucon. Worked as a farmer. Moved to North Carolina in 1758.

Martin Boehmer

1717-1796. With his wife, a married couple in Christiansbrunn in 1755-1756.

Heinrich Bonn

Information unknown. Worked as a blacksmith. Left Moravian congregation between 1762-1763.

Jacob Bonn

1733-1781. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a tailor.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Andreas Broksch

1702-1790. Born in Bürgenwald in Upper Silesia, Poland. Worked as a farmer and a gardener.

Joseph Bulitscheck

1729-1801. Born in Tumigad [modern equivalent unknown], Czech Republic. Worked as a carpenter/joiner/cabinet-maker.

Claus Cölln

1724-1806. Born in Neuendorf, Holstein, Germany. Worked as a carpenter.

Carl Jacques Dreyspring

1722-1794. Born in Bad Liebenzell, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades and moved to Bethlehem in April 1764. Worked as a tailor.

Johann Jacob Ernst

1730-1802. Born in Aarau, Switzerland. Worked as a farmer and laborer. Left Christiansbrunn in 1762.

Nicolaus Fleissner

1720-1801. Born in Asch, Czech Republic. Worked as a helper on the plantation and as a thresher, and attended to the cellar.

Henry Frey

1724-1784. Moved to Lititz from Christiansbrunn, where he worked as a master carpenter.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

John Jacob Fries

1708-1793. Born in Odense, Denmark. Worked as a chaplain and a deacon.

Johann Nicolaus Funck

1720-1795. Born in Neuendorff, Germany. Worked as a plantation worker, a headmaster, and a cellar master.

Lucas Fuss

1722-????. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Worked as a baker and laborer. Returned to Switzerland in 1762.

Erhard Heckedorn

1726-1763. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Worked as a farmer. Left Christiansbrunn for North Carolina in 1756.

Samuel Herr

1716-1773. Born in Württemberg. Worked as a builder.

Andreas Holder

1731-1779. Born in New York. Worked as a linen weaver.

Johann Georg Huber

1718-1790. Born in Baden, Germany. Worked as a smith. Married the widow Anna Marie Berck Lenhert in 1757 and lived with his family at Christiansbrunn.

Johann Klein

????-1770. Left for Salem in March 1770 and drowned while traveling in August of that year.

Jens Kolkier

????-1757. First death among the single brethren in Christiansbrunn.

Samuel Lauck

1713-1786. Born in Anspach, Germany. Worked as a shirt tailor and a barber ("employed in House-Work" in 1756). Identified as inform on 1773-1775 tax list.

Friedrich Leinbach

Birth and death years unknown. Birthplace unknown. Worked in the barn and in the store.

John Henry Lenzner

1732-????. Born in Strasburg, Germany. Occupation unknown. Moved to North Carolina in 1758.

George Loesch

1737-1811. Born in Tulpehocken. Worked as a builder.

Christian Matthiesen

1712-1796. Born in Jutland, Denmark. Worked as a beer brewer and a distiller.

Phillip Jacob Meyer

1722-1782. Born in Würtemberg. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades. Worked as a cobbler.

Lorenz Nielsen

1715-1785. Born in Calstrup, Denmark. Worked as a carpenter. Identified as infirm on 1773 tax list.

Michael Pitzman

1726-1791. Born in Babenhausen, Germany. Worked as a waggoner and as a steward.

Martin Schenck

1733-????. Born in Suchdol nad Odrou, Czech Republic. Worked as a mason.

Christian Schmidt

1696-1785. Born in Jütland, Denmark. Held no working positions due to old age.

Johann Jacob Schoen [AKA Wuest]

1721-1760. Born in Switzerland. Worked as a locksmith. Returned to Christiansbrunn on 30 May 1757 [?] to live with and care for Jacob Rubel.

Johannes Thomas

1711-1791. Born in Pomerania, Germany. Worked as a mason and a carpenter.

Adam van Erd

1722-1794. Born in Soberheim, Palatine. Worked as a leather-breeches maker.

David Zeisberger

1721-1808. Born in Herrnhut, Germany. Worked as a missionary.