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Jacob Priesing / Brüsing

1709-(?) Born in Rügen, Germany. Worked as a builder. Originally was a Lutheran. He became acquainted with the Moravians in 1741 and became a member on April 15th 1748. During the same year, he also took his first communion on September 8th. Jacob Pruesing, (Christianspring.) i, s. 4. April 22. Unmarried. Born on the Island Riigen, July 25, 1709. Came to Hermhaag in 1745, having been awakened by the Brethren. United with the congregation. 1750 came to this coimtry with a large company of Brethren. Lived in Christianspring. Also in: 1764 Catalog 1766 County Tax List 1775 County Tax List
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