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1766 County Tax Return

Johann Angermann

1733-1775. Occupation unknown. Seems to have arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1764. Left in 1771 for mission work in Jamaica. Said to have died in Jamaica, but listed on 1775 tax list.

Matthias Bacher

1725-1769. Born in Salzburg, Austria. Worked as a carpenter.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Johann Brandmüller

1736-1812. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Seems to arrived in Christiansbrunn as an assistant in the washhouse. Worked as a baker. Identified as infirm on 1773-1775 tax lists.

Heinrich Brunner

1739-1818. Born in Alsace, France. Worked as a thresher. Lived as a single man and then later with his wife, Rosina, and their children at Christiansbrunn.

Detlef Delfs

1723-1795. Born in Emkendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Worked as a cobbler and a sick-nurse. Left Christiansbrunn in October 1767 for Lititz and returned to Christiansbrunn in 1769.

Jeremias Denke

1724-1795. Born in Bielawa, Poland. Worked as a deacon.

Henrich Feldhausen

1721-????. Born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Worked as a shoemaker. Traveled with 12 others to found the town of Bethabara in 1753, which he left by 1771.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

Johann Nicolaus Funck

1720-1795. Born in Neuendorff, Germany. Worked as a plantation worker, a headmaster, and a cellar master.

Georg Wenzeslaus Golkowsky

1725-1813. Born in Cieszyn, Poland. Worked as a carpenter, an accounting officer, and a land surveyor.

Jacob Hafner

1709-1773. Born in Zurich, Switzerland. Worked as a stocking weaver. Identified as a married man on 1766 & 1771 tax list.

Andreas Holder

1731-1779. Born in New York. Worked as a linen weaver.

Samuel Lauck

1713-1786. Born in Anspach, Germany. Worked as a shirt tailor and a barber ("employed in House-Work" in 1756). Identified as inform on 1773-1775 tax list.

Phillip Jacob Meyer

1722-1782. Born in Würtemberg. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades. Worked as a cobbler.

John Möller

1748-????. Identified as a married man in 1766 tax list. Moved from Christiansbrunn to Bethlehem in November 1767.

Lorenz Nielsen

1715-1785. Born in Calstrup, Denmark. Worked as a carpenter. Identified as infirm on 1773 tax list.

Martinus Roleder

1724-1797. Born in Zauchtenthal, Moravia. Worked as a farmer and took care of the pigs. Moved to Nazareth Hall on 30 May 1757 and later to Christiansbrunn. Left Christiansbrunn for Bethlehem in 1796.

Michael Ruch II

1727-1797. Born in Eckendorf, Alsace. Worked as a farmer and as a brewer. Listed as a married man on 1771-1781 tax lists, living with his two daughters (1781).

Azarias Smith

1742-1783. Born in Lebanon, Connecticut. Was in Christiansbrunn by 1763, where he worked as a household helper.

Matthias Spohn

1711-1781. Born in Würtemberg, Germany. Occupation unknown. Identified as married man on 1766-1781 tax lists.

Henry Strauss

Information unknown. Lived briefly in Christiansbrunn; left and was readmitted to live in Bethlehem.