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Jeremias Denke

10/02/1724-1795 Jeremiah Denke, 1725-95, born at Langenbilau, Silesia. Having served as organist at Herrnhut and as chaplain of the unmarried Brethren at Gnadenberg, he was ordained a Dfai on of the Church and came to America in 1761, the voyage across the ocean taking 21 weeks. He became the pastor of the churches successively at Lititz, Nazareth and Bethlehem ; he also was appointed a member of the Helper's Conference in the American Moravian Church. His first. wife, A. S. Steinman, died in 1773, his second wife, Sarah Test, in 1789; the third, Ehz. Leinbach, survived him.
Bielawa, Poland
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