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The Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, Pa., 1742-1897

John Frederick Beck

1751-1788. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as a carpenter. Moved to North Carolina.

David Beutel

1755-1825. Born in Berbice, Guyana. Worked as a helper in the field.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Jeremias Denke

1724-1795. Born in Bielawa, Poland. Worked as a deacon.

Christian Ettwein

1752-1798. Born in London, England. Moved from Bethlehem to Christiansbrunn in December 1767 to learn the shoemaker's trade.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

John Jacob Fries

1708-1793. Born in Odense, Denmark. Worked as a chaplain and a deacon.

John Heckewelder

1743-1823. Born in Bedford, England. Left Christiansbrunn for Bethlehem in September 1757 with six other boys. Later worked as a missionary.

Gottfried Hennig

1745-1825. Born in Seifhennersdorf, Germany. First arrived in Christiansbrunn in October 1786. Worked as a linen weaver.

Jacob Herrmann

1715-1803. Born in Holstein. Worked as a stocking weaver. Left Christiansbrunn for Bethlehem in 1796.

Johann Georg Huber

1718-1790. Born in Baden, Germany. Worked as a smith. Married the widow Anna Marie Berck Lenhert in 1757 and lived with his family at Christiansbrunn.

John Jorde

1706-1760. Born in Hischfelde, Silesia. Worked as a carpenter. Lived at Christiansbrunn with his wife and children (four in 1756).

Margaret (Horn) Jorde

1721-1782. Born in Leminsgen, Germany. Worked as a farmer. Lived at Christiansbrunn with her husband and children (four in 1756).

George Jungmann

1720-1808. Born in Hockenheim, Palatinate. Worked as a missionary.

Matthaeus Krause

1747-1799. Born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Worked as a farmer. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.

John Kremser

1758-1823. Born at Nazareth. Worked as a farmer.

Jacob Luch

1756-1831. Born in Darmstadt, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in January 1790. Worked as a baker and cook.

Simon Christian Meyer

1719-1786. Born in Bad Langensalza, Germany. Worked as a button-maker and a deacon.

Martinus Roleder

1724-1797. Born in Zauchtenthal, Moravia. Worked as a farmer and took care of the pigs. Moved to Nazareth Hall on 30 May 1757 and later to Christiansbrunn. Left Christiansbrunn for Bethlehem in 1796.

Jacob Rubel

1725-1813. Diersdorf, Wittgenstein. Worked as a joiner or cabinet-maker.

Anna Catherine Schmidt

1727-1762. Born in Heidelberg, Pennsylvania. Worked as a missionary to Native Americans. Lived with his wife and children (three in 1756) at Christiansbrunn.

Anton Schmidt

1725-1793. Born in Pressburg, Hungary. Lived with his wife and children (three in 1756) at Christiansbrunn. May have worked as a tinsmith.

Johann Jacob Schoen [AKA Wuest]

1721-1760. Born in Switzerland. Worked as a locksmith. Returned to Christiansbrunn on 30 May 1757 [?] to live with and care for Jacob Rubel.

Andrew Schout

1700-1763. Occupation unknown, though he was responsible for silkworm culture at Christiansbrunn in 1754.

Matthaeus Schultz

1752-1826. Born in Cotbus, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in October 1791. Worked as a farmer and served as "hall-servant" at Christiansbrunn until 1 November 1801.

Christina (Frey) Segner

1727-1816. Born in Falkner Swamp, Pennsylvania. Lived with her husband and children (two in 1756) at Christiansbrunn.

Johann Seiffert

1722-1802. Born in Suchdol nad Odrou, Czech Republic. Worked as a carpenter and a farmer.

Lucia (Biezer) Spohn

1714-1788. Lived with her husband, Matthew Spohn, at Christiansbrunn until his death.

Samuel Steup

1757-1822. Born in Gnadenthal, Pennsylvania. Worked as a cook and on the plantation.

Johann Christian Till

1762-1844. Born in Gnadenthal. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1791 and managed its Economy from 1791-93.

Jacob van Vleck

1751-1831. Born in New York. Worked as a pastor and administrator. Entered, but crossed out, from 1781 tax preparation list.

John Frederick Balthasar Vogenitz

1765-1837. Born in Salza, near Magdeburg, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn on 19 October 1795 to work in the school. Also worked in the brewery.

Samuel Warner

1756-1816. Born in Oblong, New York. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in November 1791. Worked as a farmer.

Juliana Witke

1759-1836. Born in Christiansbrunn. Worked at the Bethlehem boarding school.

Matthew Witke

1749-1803. Born in Nazareth. Worked in the brewery. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.