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Jacob van Vleck

Taken from the Bethlehem graveyard diary: "1751-1831, Episcopus Fratrum; born in the city of New York; studied at Nazareth Hall and in Barby, Germany. Returning to this country in 1778 he was appointed assistant pastor at Bethlehem, and in 1760 Principal of the Young Ladies' Seminary. This office as well as that of Principal of Nazareth Hall, from 1802-1809, he filled with eminent success. Later he served as pastor of the churches at Nazareth, Lititz and Salem. In 1815 he was consecrated a Bishop, and removed to Bethlehem. In 1789 he married Anna E. Staeheli, who bore him two sons, viz., Wjlham Henry and Charles Anton ; both entered the ministry."