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Church Leader

Pastor, Deacon, etc. (Diaconus)

Philip Christian Bader

1715-1797. Born in Strasburg, Lower Alsatia. Served as pastor, and cultivated silkworms, at Christiansbrunn from 1752-1754.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Andreas Busse

1734-1806. Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Worked as a deacon.

Jeremias Denke

1724-1795. Born in Bielawa, Poland. Worked as a deacon.

John Jacob Fries

1708-1793. Born in Odense, Denmark. Worked as a chaplain and a deacon.

Johann Jacob Loesch

1722-1782. Born in Schoharie. Was the first warden of Christiansbrunn in 1749. Traveled with 12 others to found the town of Bethabara in 1753.