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Johann Jacob Loesch

22 November 1722-7 November 1782. Born in Schoharie. He was originally a Lutheran. He joined the community on November 16, 1744 and became a member on February 7, 1745. On June 20, 1745, he took his first communion. Jacob Loesch. ix, s. 14. Nov. 8. Bom Nov. 22, 1722, near Schoharie, N.Y. His parents were George and Anna Loesch, of Gnadenthal. When Christianspring was begun in 1 749, he went there as warden of the Brethren's House ; 1753 appointed warden of the colony of unmarried brethren, who went to North Carolina, accompanied by Bishop Nathaniel Seidel and Gottlob Konigsdorfer. In 1757 married Anna Blum in Bethlehem. He had five children. 1758 went again to North Carolina, and was made Justice of the Peace of Rowan County. The affairs in Bethabara occasioned much labor and trouble. Remained seven years in Bethabara. In 1 771 removed to Nazareth as Superintendent of the property of the "Administration," and also Justice of the Peace. On his way to Hope, N.J., he fell from his horse and died in a house 1 1 miles from Nazareth.
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