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Matthias Bacher

02/01/1725-05/18/1769 [1768 catalog with classes says born in 1720]Become Chor Diener in Christiansbrunn, replacing Lorenz Bagge, in 1762 (23 Feb 1762: Minutes of the Single Brethren's Conference, 1762-1766, BethSB 10, MAB).FromThe Moravian Graveyards at Nazareth, Pa., 1744-1904.Matthias Bacher. Unmarried man. Born in Salzburg, Feb. 1, 1725. During religious troubles in that country, Lutheran books fell into the hands of his father, with which he and his family and neighbors edified one another, but were, in consequence, persecuted by the Catholic authorities, so that finally he and many others were obliged to leave the country, and came to Ulm, where his parents died soon after. Went to Regensburg, where he became acquainted with members of the Brethren's Church. Went to Ebersdorf, and 1746 was received into the congregation. In 1754 he came, with a company of "single brethren," to Bethlehem. Being sent to Christianspring, he assisted in the building of Nazareth Hall. Later he was "Kinder Bruder" in the school at Bethlehem. 1759 moved to Nazareth Hall, where he appears to have had charge of the boys until 1762. He attended the Provincial Synod at Lititz in 1768. He was a faithful man. 
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