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Phillip Jacob Meyer

11/02/1722-11/29/1782 Philip Jacob Meyer, i, s. 13. Nov. 29. Born in 1722 in Wurtemberg. While traveling as a journeyman shoemaker, enlisted as a soldier while intoxicated. Later he deserted, and in his wanderings came to Calmar, Upper Lusatia, where he was awakened, through the efforts of the Brethren. Thence he went to Basle and Herrnhaag,uniting with the latter congregation. In 1750 came to thisc ountryw ith twenty-ninue nmarriedb rethren. Lived in Bethlehem, Christianspring and Nazareth. "Ein gutes, seliges Herz." Loved and honored.
W├╝rtemberg, Germany
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