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Christian Henry Beck

1757-1843. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as an assistant in the brewery and as a shoemaker. Married in 1790 and lived at Christiansbrunn with his family.

Johann David Brucker

1742-1790. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. One of the first cohort of boys sent to Christiansbrunn, assigned to learn to be a shoemaker. Later worked as a master shoemaker. Went from Christiansbrunn to Lititz in 1769. Left Christiansbrunn again when he married on August 21, 1782.

Detlef Delfs

1723-1795. Born in Emkendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Worked as a cobbler and a sick-nurse. Left Christiansbrunn in October 1767 for Lititz and returned to Christiansbrunn in 1769.

Christian Ettwein

1752-1798. Born in London, England. Moved from Bethlehem to Christiansbrunn in December 1767 to learn the shoemaker's trade.

John Garrison

1729-????. Born on Staten Island. Worked as a cobbler.

Peter Goetje, Sr.

1716-1798. Born in Holstein, Germany. Worked as a shoemaker. Lived in Christiansbrunn as a widower.

Johannes Hanke

1750-????. Born in Gnadenthal, Pennsylvania. Worked as a cook and as cobbler master. Moved to Salem in 1786.

Daniel Kamm

1715-1782. Born in W├╝rtemberg, Germany. Worked as a cobbler. Identified as infirm on 1773 tax list. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.

Christoph Heinrich Loether

1719-1802. Born in Perleberg, Germany. Worked as a shoemaker. Left Christiansbrunn for Nazareth in 1796.

Phillip Jacob Meyer

1722-1782. Born in W├╝rtemberg. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades. Worked as a cobbler.

Johann Nixdorf

Information unknown. One of the first cohort of boys sent to Christiansbrunn in September 1757, assigned to learn to be a shoemaker. Later worked as a thresher.

Friedrich Jacob Pfeil

1711-1786. Born in Winnenden, Wurttemburg. Worked as a cobbler. Traveled with 12 others to found the town of Bethabara in 1753.

[Edward Thorpe]

1721-1797. Born in Ribly, Yorkshire, England. Worked as a cobbler, a teacher, and a deacon.

Andreas Wagenseil

1718-1796. Born in Swabia, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1764. Worked as a cobbler and tanner.