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Christian Henry Beck

07/17/1757-02/21/1843 Christian Henry Beck xvii, s. 8. Feb, 21. Born in Bethlehem, July 17, 1757. When one and one-half years old, was placedd in the Nazareth nursery at Ephrata; later attended the school in the Hall.  United with the congregation in 1776. Married Anna Christiana Eyerly, Sept. 26, 1790. Seven children; two sons and five daughters, one son and a daughter preceding him into eternity. In 1800 built a house and brewery near Nazareth and carried on beer brewing and butchering. For twenty years he was a member of the "Aufseher Collegium."  His wife died Nov 21, 1833From Moravian Graveyards at Nazareth Pa, 1744-1904
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