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Christian Henry Beck

1757-1843. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as an assistant in the brewery and as a shoemaker. Married in 1790 and lived at Christiansbrunn with his family.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

Joseph Levering

1755-1797. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as a gun stocker and as distiller. Married the widow Elizabeth Smith in 1787 and lived with his wife in Christiansbrunn until they moved to Nazareth, where Levering worked as a tinker, a blacksmith, and (in the 1790s) a gun stocker.

Christian Matthiesen

1712-1796. Born in Jutland, Denmark. Worked as a beer brewer and a distiller.

Michael Ruch II

1727-1797. Born in Eckendorf, Alsace. Worked as a farmer and as a brewer. Listed as a married man on 1771-1781 tax lists, living with his two daughters (1781).

John Frederick Balthasar Vogenitz

1765-1837. Born in Salza, near Magdeburg, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn on 19 October 1795 to work in the school. Also worked in the brewery.

Matthew Witke

1749-1803. Born in Nazareth. Worked in the brewery. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.