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Michael Ruch II

20 Jan 1727-9 May 1797. From Nazareth Graveyard records: Michael Ruch. xii, s. 4. May 9. Bom Jan. 20, 1727, in Eckendorf, Alsace. Married the widow, Maria Christina Walther, m.n. Beck, in 1771. Died of cancer in the hand. [This individual's name appears on a page in the 1743-1755 Single Brothers' catalog that seems part of the list of individuals at Christiansbrunn. But nearly all the individuals listed on this page appear in no other lists of individuals at Christiansbrunn. We think it highly likely that this page aims to list single brothers in Bethlehem, not in Christiansbrunn, although the page's placement in the catalog seems to suggest differently. So Kamm probably was not in Christiansbrunn until 1755, when his name begins to appear regularly on other lists of people.]
Strasbourg, France
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