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1755 Single Brethren at Christiansbrunn


????-1761. Born in Nigeria, had been an enslaved servant of Timothy Horsfield. Worked as a butcher.

Jacob Blum

1739-1803. Born in Saucon. Worked as a farmer. Moved to North Carolina in 1758.

Heinrich Bonn

Information unknown. Worked as a blacksmith. Left Moravian congregation between 1762-1763.

Jacob Bonn

1733-1781. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a tailor.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Andreas Broksch

1702-1790. Born in Bürgenwald in Upper Silesia, Poland. Worked as a farmer and a gardener.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

Johann Nicolaus Funck

1720-1795. Born in Neuendorff, Germany. Worked as a plantation worker, a headmaster, and a cellar master.

Lucas Fuss

1722-????. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Worked as a baker and laborer. Returned to Switzerland in 1762.

Erhard Heckedorn

1726-1763. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Worked as a farmer. Left Christiansbrunn for North Carolina in 1756.

Samuel Herr

1716-1773. Born in Württemberg. Worked as a builder.

Andreas Holder

1731-1779. Born in New York. Worked as a linen weaver.

Johann Georg Huber

1718-1790. Born in Baden, Germany. Worked as a smith. Married the widow Anna Marie Berck Lenhert in 1757 and lived with his family at Christiansbrunn.

Marcus Kiefer

1718-1791. Born in Durlach, Germany. Worked as a farmer.

Samuel Lauck

1713-1786. Born in Anspach, Germany. Worked as a shirt tailor and a barber ("employed in House-Work" in 1756). Identified as inform on 1773-1775 tax list.

Friedrich Leinbach

Birth and death years unknown. Birthplace unknown. Worked in the barn and in the store.

Christian Matthiesen

1712-1796. Born in Jutland, Denmark. Worked as a beer brewer and a distiller.

Phillip Jacob Meyer

1722-1782. Born in Würtemberg. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades. Worked as a cobbler.

Hans Petersen

1725-1763. Born in Schleswig, Germany. Worked as a tailor. Traveled with 12 others to found the town of Bethabara in 1753.

Michael Pitzman

1726-1791. Born in Babenhausen, Germany. Worked as a waggoner and as a steward.

Jacob Rubel

1725-1813. Diersdorf, Wittgenstein. Worked as a joiner or cabinet-maker.

Michael Ruch II

1727-1797. Born in Eckendorf, Alsace. Worked as a farmer and as a brewer. Listed as a married man on 1771-1781 tax lists, living with his two daughters (1781).

Christian Schmidt

1696-1785. Born in Jütland, Denmark. Held no working positions due to old age.

Johann Jacob Schoen [AKA Wuest]

1721-1760. Born in Switzerland. Worked as a locksmith. Returned to Christiansbrunn on 30 May 1757 [?] to live with and care for Jacob Rubel.

John George Stark

1718-1797. Born in Erlangen, Germany. Worked as a dyer, a stocking maker, and a cook.

Jacob Steiner

1734-1801. Worked as a miller. Moved to North Carolina in 1755.

Renatus Steiner

1737-????. Worked as a smith. Moved from Christiansbrunn to Bethlehem in 1755.

Johannes Thomas

1711-1791. Born in Pomerania, Germany. Worked as a mason and a carpenter.

Adam van Erd

1722-1794. Born in Soberheim, Palatine. Worked as a leather-breeches maker.

Samuel Wutke

1722-1759. Moved to North Carolina in 1755. Worked as a farmer.