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1771 Provincial Tax Return

Jacob Arie

1745-1817. Born in Berbice, Guyana. Seems to have arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1762, where he lived with his family until they moved to Nazareth in 1774. Identified with his wife as "Molattos" and "free" on 1771-1773 tax lists.

Johann Biefel

1746-1780. Born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Occupation unknown.

Johannes Bonn

1719-1797. Born in Skippack, Pennsylvania. Worked as a deacon.

Heinrich Brunner

1739-1818. Born in Alsace, France. Worked as a thresher. Lived as a single man and then later with his wife, Rosina, and their children at Christiansbrunn.

Detlef Delfs

1723-1795. Born in Emkendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Worked as a cobbler and a sick-nurse. Left Christiansbrunn in October 1767 for Lititz and returned to Christiansbrunn in 1769.

Martin Freyhube

1720-1813. Born in Olesnica, Poland. Worked as a waggoner, cobbler, a farmer, and in the distillery.

Johann Nicolaus Funck

1720-1795. Born in Neuendorff, Germany. Worked as a plantation worker, a headmaster, and a cellar master.

George Glatt

1746-1773. Birthplace unknown. Worked as a blacksmith.

Georg Wenzeslaus Golkowsky

1725-1813. Born in Cieszyn, Poland. Worked as a carpenter, an accounting officer, and a land surveyor.

Jacob Hafner

1709-1773. Born in Zurich, Switzerland. Worked as a stocking weaver. Identified as a married man on 1766 & 1771 tax list.

Andreas Holder

1731-1779. Born in New York. Worked as a linen weaver.

Phillip Jacob Meyer

1722-1782. Born in W├╝rtemberg. Arrived at Christiansbrunn in September 1757 to superintend some of the boys assigned to various trades. Worked as a cobbler.

Nathaniel Micksch

1743-1827. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. One of the first cohort of boys sent to Christiansbrunn, assigned to agriculture. Later worked as a thresher, a miller, and a farmer. Entered, but crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.

Michael Ruch II

1727-1797. Born in Eckendorf, Alsace. Worked as a farmer and as a brewer. Listed as a married man on 1771-1781 tax lists, living with his two daughters (1781).

Johann Schaub

1744-1803. Birthplace unknown. One of the first cohort of boys sent to Christiansbrunn in September 1757, assigned to learn agriculture. Later worked as a woodcutter. Moved to North Carolina.

Matthias Spohn

1711-1781. Born in W├╝rtemberg, Germany. Occupation unknown. Identified as married man on 1766-1781 tax lists.