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Shoemaker's Shop

Images of Shoemaker's Shop

This photograph shows the east-facing side and the south-facing side of the shoemaker's shop. The complex of buildings that formed the northeast corner of the Christiansbrunn quadrangle stood south of this shop (to the left in the photograph). (Photo used courtesy of the Moravian Archives, Bethlehem.)

The Christiansbrunn diary indicates that the shoemaker's shop, still incomplete in late 1769, was completed in early 1770. The shop was built just north of the main quadrangle that had formed the footprint of Christiansbrunn.

These photographs of the shoemaker's shop were taken, as far as can be determined, in the 1860s, the 1870s, or the 1890s.

Shoemakers worked in Christiansbrunn before the Shoemaker's Shop was constructed. Here is the 1762 inventory of the trade:

3 Werckstellen - 3 work stations
5 Schuster Stuhle - 5 shoemaker chairs
2 Faessel 26 Gute Leisten - 26 good trims/lath
30 Schlechte Do. - 30 bad trims/lath
19 kleine Do. - 19 small trims/lath
1Leder Zange - 1 leather tong
1 D. Schlecht - 1 bad tong
2 Kneif Zangen - 2 pinching tong
3 Schuster hammer -
3 cobbler hammers
5 Wasgeln 2 feilen - 2 files
16 Schuh Oerter mit hefter
42 Do. one.
Do. 3
Stuck 2


The image below is our best attempt to locate the Shoemaker's Shop on a 1795 map of the Christiansbrunn community.