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Johann Beutel / Johann Beitel

From The Moravian Graveyard of Nazareth, Pa.: John Beitel, xviii,s . 4. Sept. 27. Born in Pilgerhut, near Berbice River in Surinam, where his parents, Henry and Elizabeth Beitel, were missionaries. In his fifth year he was brought to America, entering the school then existing in Fredericktown, Montgomery Co., Pa. When this was discontinued, he moved to Emmaus, remaining there two years. In 1752 went to Bethlehem. 1756 to Christianspring, then to Bethlehem, etc. In 1771 united with the congregation at Nazareth. Married Juliana Schmidt in 1779. He had four children, two sons and two daughters. His wife died Feb. 15, 1824. His age was 100 years, less 84 days.
Pilgerhut, Surinam
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