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40 feet long by 21 feet wide. One story. Hewn logs. One room. Built prior to 1758.

Stephan Blum

1734-1795. Born in Saucony, Pennsylvania. Worked as a smith at Christiansbrunn from 1758-1762.

WIlliam Carney

1780-1810. Born in Gnadenhutten. Worked as a smith. Moved to North Carolina in 1808.

George Glatt

1746-1773. Birthplace unknown. Worked as a blacksmith.

Peter Goetje, Sr.

1716-1798. Born in Holstein, Germany. Worked as a shoemaker. Lived in Christiansbrunn as a widower.

Johann Christoph Hensel

1725-????. Born in Upper Lusatia, Germany. Worked as a weaver and a smith. Left Christiansbrunn and Moravian communities in April 1752.

Johann Georg Huber

1718-1790. Born in Baden, Germany. Worked as a smith. Married the widow Anna Marie Berck Lenhert in 1757 and lived with his family at Christiansbrunn.

Johann Christian Micksch

1752-1823. Born in Bethlehem. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1775, where he worked as a master smith. Married Philippina Loesch and lived as a married couple at Christiansbrunn. Moved to Nazareth by 1796.

Paul Micksch

1763-1836. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as a smith salesman. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.

Johann Georg Schmidt

1719-1790. Born in W├╝rtemberg, Germany. Worked as a smith. Lived with his wife at Christiansbrunn.