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Johann Christian Micksch

07/09/1752-9 Sep 1823 Born in Bethlehem. Worked as a smith master. John Christian Miksch. xv, s. 4. Dec. 3. Born July 9, 1752, in Bethlehem. Educated there and at Nazareth. Moved to Christianspring, and later learned the trade of blacksmith at Bethlehem. Married Anna P. Loesch. Of his eight children, two sons and a daughter survived, viz. : Jacob, Rosina (married Henry Beitel), and Joseph. His wife died in 1800. In 1809 married Mar. Cath. Hock, m.n. Wingas. During the latter part of his life he was nearly totally blind. 22 May 1775, Christiansbrunn Diary: Br. Miksch is coming from Bethlehem to take over the smith shop since Br. Hartmann is moving to Hope NJ.
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