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Paul Micksch

From The Moravian Graveyards of Nazareth, Pa.: Paul Miksch. xvi, s. 17. March 14. A Deacon of the Church. Born Nov. 18, 1763, in Bethlehem. Educated at Nazareth Hall, then learned the trade of blacksmith. Served in Christianspring as the Superintendent (Pfleger) of the unmarried brethren, and as warden in Gnadenthal. In 1795 married Catharine Busch. In 1802 ordained a Deacon by Bishop Loskiel. His wife died Dec. 27, 1804. In 1806 married Maria Elizabeth Rothrock. One son, J. M. Miksch, (a prominent citizen of Bethlehem and member of the Church there) was the only surviving child of the first marriage. Of the second, two sons and two daughters survived.
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