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Gunstocking Shop

25½ feet by 20 feet. Constructed of logs. One story. Built in 1763.

Andreas Albrecht

1718-1802. Born near Suhl, Germany. Worked as a gunstocker and a music teacher at Christiansbrunn, 1759-1766.

John Valentine Beck

1731-1791. Born in Henneberg, Germany. Worked as a gunstocker and a music teacher.

Nathaniel Hantsch

1749-1821. Born in Bethlehem. Worked in the gunshop, probably as a locksmith, during the Revolutionary War.

William Henry

1757-1821. Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Worked as a gunsmith.

Joseph Levering

1755-1797. Born in Bethlehem. Worked as a gun stocker and as distiller. Married the widow Elizabeth Smith in 1787 and lived with his wife in Christiansbrunn until they moved to Nazareth, where Levering worked as a tinker, a blacksmith, and (in the 1790s) a gun stocker.

Jacob Loesch, Jr.

1760-1821. Born in Bethabara, NC. Worked as a gun stocker. Entered, and crossed out, on 1781 tax preparation list.

Peter Rice

1743-????. Born in Bethlehem. One of the first cohort of boys sent to Christiansbrunn in September 1757, assigned to learn to be a tailor. Later apprenticed as a gunstocker.