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House Server


Georg Christoph Heppner

1713-1791. Born in Lindau, Saxony, Germany. Worked as a household helper. Seems to have moved to Nazareth Hall in 1765.

Christoph Heinrich Loether

1719-1802. Born in Perleberg, Germany. Worked as a shoemaker. Left Christiansbrunn for Nazareth in 1796.

Michael Pitzman

1726-1791. Born in Babenhausen, Germany. Worked as a waggoner and as a steward.

Michael Ruch

1718-1790. Born in Bad Heilbrunn, Germany. Worked as a butcher, but also helped out within the households as he could.

Azarias Smith

1742-1783. Born in Lebanon, Connecticut. Was in Christiansbrunn by 1763, where he worked as a household helper.