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26 feet long by 20 feet wide. Made of logs. One story structure.

Johann Brandmüller

1736-1812. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Seems to arrived in Christiansbrunn as an assistant in the washhouse. Worked as a baker. Identified as infirm on 1773-1775 tax lists.

Lucas Fuss

1722-????. Born in Basel, Switzerland. Worked as a baker and laborer. Returned to Switzerland in 1762.

Jacob Luch

1756-1831. Born in Darmstadt, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in January 1790. Worked as a baker and cook.

Heinrich Müller

1760-????. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Worked on the plantation.

[Heinrich Seidel]

1726-????. Born in Breithardt, Germany. Worked as a baker. Sent away from the community in 1759.