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Johann Anders

23 September 1748-12 August 1779. Born in Nazareth. His parents perished at Gnadenhutten in 1755. Came to Christiansbrunn in 1760 [but was listed as a woodcutter in Jan 1759]. Was briefly excluded from the congregation but was readmitted. Buried in Nazareth. Was considered for North Carolina in 1762 (11 Oct 1762: Minutes of the Single Brethren's Conference, 1762-1766, BethSB 10, MAB). John Anders. (Christianspring.) ii, s. 10. Aug. 12. Unmarried. Born in Nazareth, Sept. 23, 1748. When in his seventh year, his parents, with their youngest child, perished at Gnadenhiitten on the Mahony, having been killed by the Indians. In 1760 came to Christianspring. On account of bad con- duct, excluded for a time from the congregation, but repented and became a very good man.
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