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hilfe in der Küche

Johannes Führer

1760-????. Born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Worked as a helper in kitchen and as a farmer.

Johannes Hanke

1750-????. Born in Gnadenthal, Pennsylvania. Worked as a cook and as cobbler master. Moved to Salem in 1786.

John Paul Hennig

1715-1783. Born in Germany. Worked as a cook and as a teacher.

[Jost Jansen]

1719-1790. Born in Suetland in Stalborg. Worked as a builder and a cook.

Jacob Luch

1756-1831. Born in Darmstadt, Germany. Arrived in Christiansbrunn in January 1790. Worked as a baker and cook.

John George Stark

1718-1797. Born in Erlangen, Germany. Worked as a dyer, a stocking maker, and a cook.