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Building "X"

Images of Building "X"

Building "X" seems to have stood just west of the Monocacy Creek, right by the lower of two bridges that crossed the Creek. It has been identified as the Gunstocker's Shop, but that identification may be unreliable. (Photo used courtesy of the Moravian Archives, Bethlehem.)

Building "X" stood very close to the Monocacy Creek, just west of the lower of the two bridges that crossed the Creek. (This road is now Christians Spring Road.) Building "X" has been identified as the Gunstocking Shop. But its configuration of doors and windows do not match a plan of a gunshop, which seems to be that of the Christiansbrunn gunshop. Indeed, this plan shows matching doors on either side of the gunshop, which this building at Christiansbrunn could never have had: one of the doors would have opened into thin air, many feet above the Monocacy Creek.  The image below locates the Building "X" on a 1795 map of the Christiansbrunn community.