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Family House

Images of Family House

This image depicts the north-facing side and west-facing side (with the small door) of the Family House. The road that runs by the west-facing side of the Family House is the current Daniels Road. Another road (currently Christian Springs road) ran along the north-facing side of the Family House. A copy of this photo at the Library Company of Philadelphia carries the date of December 1876 and identifies the building as the "brewery." (Image used courtesy of the Moravian Archives.)

Although Christiansbrunn has been remembered and written about as a community of single men, married couples--often with small children--lived there as well. The married couples lived in the Family House. Nineteenth-century photographs and drawings consistently identify this structure as the "Brewery." The building had a cellar with groined or vaulted arches (see images 6 and 7), which were thought, in the nineteenth century, to have been the first vaulted archives in early America.

The image below locates the Family House on a 1795 map of the Christiansbrunn community.