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William Hessler

William Hessler. xvi, s. 14. Dec. 22. Bom in Bethlehem, Nov. 9, 1753- Educated in Nazareth Hall. When thirteen years of age, went to Christiansspring to learn weaving. Later, moved to Bethlehem, Lititz, etc. In 1788 moved to Hope, N. J., and married Hannah Brown, who died a few years later. In 1794 married Mary Magdalene Koehler, in Lititz. Continued to live in Hope until 1808, when he moved to Nazareth. One son survived.Was in Christiansbrunn by 1762 (25 May 1762: Minutes of the Single Brethren's Conference, 1762-1766, BethSB 10, MAB).
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