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Gottlieb Haberecht

Gottlieb Haberecht. viii, s. 5. Feb. 28. Widower. Born in Lower Silesia, May 10, 1700. In the great revival in Silesia, 171S-20, he was converted. 1723 married a widow, who was very pious. They often entertained Moravian exiles. 1732 united with the Hermhut congregation. 1734 came to Georgia, where his wife died. 1736 to Pennsylvania, where he remained for three years with the Seventh Day Baptists at Ephrata, Lancaster County. 1743 moved to Bethlehem, and later returned to Europe with Count Zinzendorf. 1747 to Algiers, as assistant to Brother Notbeck, the missionary. Ten months later returned to Germany. 1749 to London. 1754 he went to Jamaica, W.I., with Brother Caries, the first missionary to that island. 1759 to Bethlehem and then to Christianspring.
Lower Silesia
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