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Martin Liebisch

From The Moravian Graveyards of Nazareth, Pa.: Martin Liebisch. viii, s. 3. Feb. i. Bom in Zauchtenthal, Moravia, in Nov. 1698. His parents were descendants of the Brethren. In 1722, he married Anna Schneider. Of his seven children, three survived their father, viz : Samuel in HeTmhut, David in the East Indies, and an unmarried daughter, Joanna, in Bethlehem. In 1730 he came to Hermhut and united with the congregation. There he superintended the orphan-school. In 1742 he was called to this country, where he labored faithfully in Bethlehem, Frederickstown, Nazareth, Gnadenthal and Christianspring. His age was 67. A large number of emigrants from Moravia, as also Brother and Sister David Nitschmann, (on a visit from Europe) and the aged Bishop David Nitschmann, came from Bethlehem to attend his funeral.
Zauchtenthal, Moravia
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