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Johannes Daniel Sydrich

05/01/1727-05/27/1790From The Moravian Graveyards of Lititz, Pa., 1744-1905.John Daniel Sydrich. I, r. xviii, 5. May 22. Presbyter. Born May 1, 1727, in Frankfort-on-the-Main. His Father was Hieronymus Sydrich, a confectioner; mother's maiden name was Abt. After his father's death he went with his mother to Herrnhut--he to live in the Orphanage where he had the ever valued instruction of Bro. Matthew Hehl, its Director, in the languages and sciences. Came to Bethlehem in 1750. Served in the Boys' Schools of Emmaus and Christianspring, going from the latter place occasionally to preach in Shoeneck. Ordained as Deacon, 1760. Married Gertrude Peterson, 1774. Labored in Philadelphia, Hope, N.J., in the Brethren's House in Lititz, and at Graceham, his favorite and last congregation. On May 8, although in very ill-health, he came to Lititz as a member of a synod, at which he was ordained a presbyter, but died soon afterward, May 27. Sr. Sydrich writes of him that "he loved and was loved in return."
Frankfurt, Germany
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