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Johann Gottfried Belling

From The Moravian Graveyards of Nazareth, Pa.: John Dietrich Gottfried Belling, xvi, s. 8. June 13. Born Sept. 2, 1747, in Grafschaft Mark. Piously reared by his parents. United with the congregation in Zeist, 1768. Came to America in 1770. Lived at Christiansspring, later at Bethlehem, leaming the trade of tanner. In 1782 came to Nazareth, where he carried on his trade. Married Rosina Kremser in 1782, who died in 1789. In 1790 married Mary Edmonds, who died in 1820. By his first marriage he had two sons, and by the second six children, of whom four died. During last years of his life he lived with his son Gottfried Belling, near Nazareth.
Grafschat Mark, Germany
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