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Matthias Tomerup

23 June 1725-23 Feb 1778. Born in Jutland. Worked as a brass and bell founder. Tommerup arrived in Christiansbrunn in 1777, when the continental army occupied the single brothers' house in Bethlehem. The Nazareth diary indicates that he "moved at once to the sick room" and died a few months later after drinking several cups of coffee. [This individual's name appears on a page in the 1743-1755 Single Brothers' catalog that seems part of the list of individuals at Christiansbrunn. But nearly all the individuals listed on this page appear in no other lists of individuals at Christiansbrunn. We think it highly likely that this page aims to list single brothers in Bethlehem, not in Christiansbrunn, although the page's placement in the catalog seems to suggest differently. Tommerup was not in Christiansbrunn until 1777.]
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