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Images of Barn

On 2 September 1799, Theodor Schulz visited Christiansbrunn and wrote: "The barns are built on the hillsides, so that on one side, built into the foundation, are entrances for the animals to their stalls, and on the other side, above the stalls, is the threshing floor, across which one can drive."


The following animals were housed in the Scheuer or the barns attached to it: (specific numbers are given for the year 1758) Amnt.: Animal Type: 1 Young stallion or colt 2 2-year-old stallion 1 3-year-old horse 5 Horses 10 Cow Calves 14 1-Year-old cow calves 26 2-year-old cow calves 10 3-year-old calves 24 Cows 15 Ox calves 6 One-year-old oxen 27 3-year-old oxen 15 4-year-old oxen 2 Bulls 8 Work oxen