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January 22, 1779

01/22/1779- Discussion of quartering English officers at Christiansbrunn.

English translation:
Mr. Hubert from Easton and the brothers Depner and Etmons came to us in matters of quartering some English Officers with us. It has been ruled out for the second two rooms. In the evening we sang the Liturgie “There Jesus Stood on the Cross.”

German transcription:
kam Mr. Hubert von Easton und die brüder Depner und Etmons zu uns in angelegenheiten einige Enlische Oficiers bey uns einzuquatieren, es wurde zu den zweit zwey Stuben ausgereumt. Abends wurde die Liturgie Da Jesus an den Kreuze stund gesungen.

Electronic Document: 
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Friday, January 22, 1779